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Doctor and Patient


Everyone enjoys a clean home, but for seniors, those with disabilities, or individuals recuperating from injury or surgery, a clean and neat house is even more imperative. A well-kept home improves mobility and mood and can help keep your loved ones healthy.


Southern Oasis Homecare offers Homemaker Services that help create a safe, clean, and relaxing environment so your loved one can resume independent living.

When it comes to quality and compassion for your aging or loved ones with disabilities, you want to ensure that the company you choose to provide Homemaker Services provides everything you need. Backed by over 200 combined years of experience, our caregivers are background-checked, thoroughly trained, and fully dedicated to the comfort and happiness of each of our clients.

Our Services


Grocery Shopping

Driving to and from the grocery store or going to the store for a client who may be homebound. Helping to prepare grocery lists. Carrying bags. Putting groceries away.  


Meal Preparation

Meal preparation services involve having a caregiver come to a client's home to prepare and cook food. Caregivers can work with clients to create an appropriate meal plan, considering all dietary restrictions.



Homemakers can help with household cleaning, vacuuming, washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, dusting, and sanitizing surfaces, along with other cleaning services you may need.



Washing and drying clothes and linen. Folding or hanging them up along with changing linen.

To learn more about our Homemaker services contact Southern Oasis Homecare.

(727) 318-1017

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