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Personal care refers to support or supervision with activities of daily living. Our licensed Home Care professionals (also known as Certified Nursing Assistants) make it possible for seniors and adults with disabilities to age at home while living with a physical disability or chronic health condition. Depending on state regulatory guidelines, this type of care may include assistance with personal activities such as hygiene, dressing, and medication management. 

What is Personal Care?

One of the most common in-home care is Personal Care. Typically this type of care is meant for seniors with chronic health conditions, physical disabilities, or complications with mobility. Southern Oasis Homecare can develop a care plan customized to your needs, including physical safety and well-being. Our goal is to help our clients have a better quality of life while maintaining their independence at home.

Our Services


Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene consistency is essential. Being able to bathe daily is critical to staying healthy. As we age, our immune system responds slower, which increases our risk of getting sick, especially if introduced to unhygienic conditions




Because of age, chronic illness, and disabilities, getting dressed can be a task for many seniors. Most adults with disabilities want to maintain their dignity by dressing independently. Personal caregivers are available to help and step in when needed. 


Eating and Feeding

Many issues can arise if your loved ones suffer from chronic illness or degenerative health issues, which limits their feeding ability. The solution is feeding assistance to maintain or improve your loved one's nutrient intake and overall health.



Maintaining mobility in seniors or adults with disabilities helps them overcome issues such as stepping over objects, walking, or basic daily tasks. It is vital to help maintain their motivation so they can continue with their daily life activities.

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